uPVC double glazing – Looking after your windows.

uPVC double glazing windows maintenanceThe weather proofing integrity of even the best double glazing can be compromised if the seals on the window openers are not looked after or checked every now and then to make sure they are intact.

By using an ‘ounce of prevention’ it could be the case that you avoid any water penetration issues in the later years of the lifespan of your uPVC Windows as these small gasket seals take quite a beating where the windows are opened and closed frequently.

If they lose their flexibility, then they can perish & crack allowing water to invade the property – even the smallest leak even if it’s by ‘capillary action’ can lead you to have to remedy internal damp damage.

These weather seals may be unobtrusive, but their importance cannot be underestimated.

uPVC double glazing windows maintenance