Looking after your double glazed windows

There are a couple of items which may sound and look insignificant on your uPVC Double Glazed Windows but if you ignore the warning signs, when these elements of the window installation fail, you could be in for some trouble.

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Looking After uPVC windowsThe bits being referred to are firstly the mastic sealant around the window which forms a weather seal where the window frame meets the surrounding brickwork and secondly the window beads themselves.

As the beads seals are rubber and the mastic is a ‘rubber like’ substance, both can be subject to perishing under constant exposure to varying weather conditions – both of these could be subject to solidification where they become inflexible, and subsequently they may crack or shrink thereby allowing water to penetrate the home.

It’s not as if you have to inspect them every 5 minutes, once or twice a year should suffice, but don’t neglect them or it could be a costly oversight.


Looking After uPVC windows