Options & Systems for Hot Water & Central Heating Boilers

If you are about to replace your Hot Water & Central Heating Boiler then you should take the time to shop around for prices and investigate the different types that are available on the market – there are many alternative systems and one may be more suited to your home than another.

Hot Water & Central Heating BoilersThe type of boiler can also be dependent on your fuel supply as if you have Electric, LPG, Biomass or Oil fired  boilers then your choices may not be as wide as is available for mains gas fired boilers. In any event, most new boilers are of the condensing type, which means they are very energy efficient (you can get a financial grant towards the cost of replacing a boiler that is less than 70% efficient in the UK).

In general you have 2 types, mains fed water supply and tank fed water supply. Mains fed systems such as Combi boilers are very cost efficient, but only work well for homes where there is not a high simultaneous demand for hot water, such as in a home with multiple bathrooms being used at the same time.

You can find out more about the types of boilers, how they work & compare costs at www.localboilerquotes.co.uk

Hot Water & Central Heating Boilers